Deep learning research

Albumentations is widely used in research areas related to computer vision and deep learning. If you find this library useful for your research, please consider citing Albumentations: Fast and Flexible Image Augmentations:
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List of papers that cite Albumentations

- NYQ Abderrahim, S Abderrahim
- D Wu, Y Chen, X Qi, Y Jian, W Chen, R Xiao
54. Deep Learning for Skin Lesion Classification: Augment, Train, and Ensemble
- A Arnault, IMTL Douai, N Riche

Machine learning competitions

Open source projects

spmallick/learnopencv 11.6k
Learn OpenCV : C++ and Python Examples
open-mmlab/mmdetection 11.1k
OpenMMLab Detection Toolbox and Benchmark
pytorch/ignite 3.0k
High-level library to help with training and evaluating neural networks in PyTorch flexibly and transparently.
catalyst-team/catalyst 2.1k
Accelerated DL R&D
ml-tooling/ml-workspace 1.4k
🛠 All-in-one web-based IDE specialized for machine learning and data science.
toandaominh1997/EfficientDet.Pytorch 1.3k
Implementation EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection in PyTorch
azavea/raster-vision 1.1k
An open source framework for deep learning on satellite and aerial imagery.
joe-siyuan-qiao/DetectoRS 805
DetectoRS: Detecting Objects with Recursive Feature Pyramid and Switchable Atrous Convolution
WXinlong/SOLO 570
SOLO and SOLOv2 for instance segmentation.
DrSleep/light-weight-refinenet 556
Light-Weight RefineNet for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation
TAMU-VITA/DeblurGANv2 426
[ICCV 2019] "DeblurGAN-v2: Deblurring (Orders-of-Magnitude) Faster and Better" by Orest Kupyn, Tetiana Martyniuk, Junru Wu, Zhangyang Wang
ZJULearning/ttfnet 329
No description provided.