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Release notes


Breaking changes

  • Albumentations now explicitly checks that all inputs to augmentations are named arguments and raise an exception otherwise. So if an augmentation receives input like aug(image) instead of aug(image=image), Albumentations will raise an exception. (#560)
  • Dropped support of Python 3.5 (#709)
  • Keypoints and bboxes are checked for visibility after each transform (#566)

New transformations

  • A.FDA transform for Fourier-based domain adaptation. (#685)
  • A.HistogramMatching transform that applies histogram matching. (#708)
  • A.ColorJitter transform that behaves similarly to ColorJitter from torchvision (though there are some minor differences due to different internal logic for working with HSV colorspace in Pillow, which is used in torchvision and OpenCV, which is used in Albumentations). (#705)

Minor changes

  • A.PadIfNeeded now accepts additional pad_width_divisor, pad_height_divisor (None by default) to ensure image has width & height that is dividable by given values. (#700)
  • Added support to apply A.CoarseDropout to masks via mask_fill_value. (#699)
  • A.GaussianBlur now supports the sigma parameter that sets standard deviation for Gaussian kernel. (#674, #673) .




  • Change the ImgAug dependency version from “imgaug>=0.2.5,<0.2.7” to “imgaug>=0.4.0". Now Albumentations won’t downgrade your existing ImgAug installation to the old version. PR #658.
  • Do not try to resize an image if it already has the required height and width. That eliminates the redundant call to the OpenCV function that requires additional copying of the input data. PR #639. ReplayCompose is now serializable. PR #623 by IlyaOvodov
  • Documentation fixes and updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug that causes some keypoints and bounding boxes to lie outside the visible part of the augmented image if an augmentation pipeline contained augmentations that increase the height and width of an image (such as PadIfNeeded). That happened because Albumentations checked which bounding boxes and keypoints lie outside the image only after applying all augmentations. Now Albumentations will check and remove keypoints and bounding boxes that lie outside the image after each augmentation. If, for some reason, you need the old behavior, pass check_each_transform=False in your KeypointParams or BboxParams. Issue #565 and PR #566.
  • Fix a bug that causes an exception when Albumentations received images with the number of color channels that are even but are not multiples of 4 (such as 6, 10, etc.). PR #638.
  • Fix the off-by-one error in applying steps for GridDistortion. Commit 9c225a9
  • Fix bugs that prevent serialization of ImageCompression and GaussNoise. PR #569
  • Fix a bug that causes errors with some values for label_fields in BboxParams. PR #504 by IlyaOvodov
  • Fix a bug that prevents HueSaturationValue for working with grayscale images. PR #500.