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Albumentations requires Python 3.6 or higher.

Install the latest stable version from PyPI

pip install -U albumentations

Install the latest version from the master branch on GitHub

pip install -U git+

Note on OpenCV dependencies

By default, pip downloads a wheel distribution of Albumentations. This distribution has opencv-python-headless as its dependency. However, Albumentations also depends on imgaug, which has opencv-python (non-headless-version) as its dependency. Because of this dependency clash, you will get both opencv-python-headless and opencv-python installed in your Python environment.

In future versions, we plan to get rid of imgaug as a dependency, and Albumentations will require only opencv-python-headless as its dependency.

However, if you need a workaround for the current version, or you already have some OpenCV distribution (such as opencv-python-headless, opencv-python, opencv-contrib-python or opencv-contrib-python-headless) installed in your Python environment, you can force Albumentations to use it by providing the --no-binary imgaug,albumentations argument to pip, e.g.

pip install -U albumentations --no-binary imgaug,albumentations

pip will use the following logic to determine the required OpenCV distribution:

  1. If your Python environment already contains opencv-python, opencv-contrib-python, opencv-contrib-python-headless or opencv-python-headless pip will use it.
  2. If your Python environment doesn't contain any OpenCV distribution from step 1, pip will download opencv-python-headless.

Install the latest stable version from conda-forge

If you are using Anaconda or Miniconda you can install Albumentations from conda-forge:

conda install -c conda-forge imgaug
conda install -c conda-forge albumentations