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Helper functions for working with keypoints (augmentations.core.keypoints_utils)

class albumentations.core.keypoints_utils.KeypointParams (format, label_fields=None, remove_invisible=True, angle_in_degrees=True, check_each_transform=True) [view source on GitHub]

Parameters of keypoints


Name Type Description
format str

format of keypoints. Should be 'xy', 'yx', 'xya', 'xys', 'xyas', 'xysa'.

x - X coordinate,

y - Y coordinate

s - Keypoint scale

a - Keypoint orientation in radians or degrees (depending on KeypointParams.angle_in_degrees)

label_fields list

list of fields that are joined with keypoints, e.g labels. Should be same type as keypoints.

remove_invisible bool

to remove invisible points after transform or not

angle_in_degrees bool

angle in degrees or radians in 'xya', 'xyas', 'xysa' keypoints

check_each_transform bool

if True, then keypoints will be checked after each dual transform. Default: True

def albumentations.core.keypoints_utils.check_keypoint (kp, rows, cols) [view source on GitHub]

Check if keypoint coordinates are less than image shapes

def albumentations.core.keypoints_utils.check_keypoints (keypoints, rows, cols) [view source on GitHub]

Check if keypoints boundaries are less than image shapes